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Finding manufacturing defects late in your production process is an expensive way to execute your quality control process. In order to help automotive and machinery manufacturers quickly spot defects, out-of-tolerance and non-conformity issues — which may not be readily apparent on traditional geometric error reports and plots — Adcole has developed 3D Color Map software.

3D Color Map is a powerful state-of-the-art analysis tool that offers a completely novel way of analyzing and evaluating: roundness, profile error, size error, runout, and full chatter analysis, on Adcole Corporation’s Model 911, 1100, 1100-GX, 1200-LX, 1200-SH, 1200-DH, and 1304  gages.

3D Color Map Full Part Image
The 3D Color Map tool offers insights into manufacturing challenges such as grinding, polishing, porosity, material build-up or form issues

The integration between 3D Color Map and the Adcole gages is seamless. The software can be installed on an Adcole gage as well as a separate PC workstation. The high-resolution 1/10th-degree data acquired by an industry-standard Adcole gage can be viewed and interpreted by 3D Color Map within seconds, providing gage customers with brand-new insights into manufacturing / quality issues such as potential grinding issues, polishing issues, porosity issues, material build-up, or form issues.

Alt=3D Inspection Software
The 3D Color Map software enables manufacturers to analyze and evaluate roundness, profile error, and size error, runout, and full chatter analysis

The user interface of 3D Color Map will be familiar to anyone who has used a popular CAD/CAM package before, yet novice users will find it equally easy-to-use. A high-resolution 3-D shaded image of the customer part is displayed on the screen, powered by a very fast industry-standard OpenGL graphics rendering engine.  The 3-D image of the part can be dynamically rotated, translated or zoomed in on the screen by simple mouse clicks and drags.  The measurement results and part opacity can also be dynamically scaled and alternate views of features or feature groups are available. The software supports countless options to customize the analysis, isolate roundness, radial, and eccentricity error data and troubleshoot hidden problems. The results of the analysis can be printed in easy-to-understand reports that include the part summary, dimensions and the calculated metrology parameters for the selected part elements.

3D Color Map Chatter Graph
The 3D Color Map supports countless options to customize the analysis, isolate roundness, radial, and eccentricity error data and troubleshoot hidden problems.  Even chatter can be displayed in 3D.

The new metrology software requires an operating system that runs 32/64-bit versions of Windows 7 or above, a CPU Type Intel i5 processor 2.6 GHz with 4GB or equivalent, graphics hardware that features on-board OpenGL support such as Intel HD Graphics, and monitor resolution of 1280 x1024. Adcole Corporation’s 3D Color Map software is available now.

To learn more, check out 3D Color Map software here.

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