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Your Adcole gage provides world class accuracy — did you know that our Program Builder software offers powerful features that help drive productivity and improve your quality process?

Program Builder is a comprehensive part design, inspection and report template generating software solution developed for camshaft, crankshaft and cylindrical part metrology. This exclusive gage software offers an easy-to-use characteristics checklist — eliminating errors and providing operability to all users, regardless of skill level.

Using the characteristics checklist is intuitive, and can be done by all gage operators.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click the link to open the Internal Adcole Knowledge Base
  2. Log in with your credentials to access
  3. Click a parameter to display the detailed definition
  4. Generate a report
Program Builder software enables operators to cover 97% of standard camshaft and crankshaft parameters
Detailed part data is easily obtained using Program Builder’s easy-to-use programming features
Help windows enable operators to obtain detailed definitions of parameters
Program Builder automatically generates a comprehensive report of your complex part metrology

This feature enables operators to cover 97% of standard crankshaft and camshaft parameters, including radial, linear, axial, and camshaft lobe parameters. In addition, you can customize the environment for unique input and outputs.

Want to learn more about Program Builder software? Contact us at,, or by phone at 508-485-9100.

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